CASS Value Investing Society

The Fund

Cass Global Equity Value Fund

The Value Investing Society manages the Cass Global Equity Value Fund, a vehicle designed to incorporate our best investment ideas. While the notion of student funds is not unheard of, our focus on developing effective management solutions for the sustainable fund industry and actively exploring alternative screening metrics sets us apart. We believe that over the long term the most successful businesses will be those that achieve the best balance between social, environmental and governance factors.

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We seek to identify undervalued sustainable businesses through a range of both qualitative and quantitative metrics, and to invest over a long-term horizon. Strict ESG criteria and a rigorous research and selection process provide a firm foundation for every investment decision. This helps us to ensure that the money entrusted to us is invested only in companies with strong financial and sustainability performance.



 Our conviction is that humanity faces unparalleled challenges ranging from resource scarcity to climate change and that in the information age, companies that are able to focus on creating long term value at the expense of short term profits while having a positive impact on the environment, society and their employees will generate superior performance metrics. 

We’re at a fork in the road for where we stand as a species.
— Al Gore, Generation Investment Management