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Our work

  • In a financial world focused on the short-term, we promote the merits of having a long-term approach to investing.
  • Our research efforts are aimed at developing a framework for arriving at the best estimate of intrinsic value and incorporating ESG criteria into the investment process.
  • We act as a link to the asset management community and invite long-term investment professionals that we admire to share from their experiences and insight into investing as part of the conferences that we organise. 
  • Our best ideas are incorporated into our student-led Fund, Cass Global Equity Value Fund.

Your role - The Investment community

  • The first part of the presentation usually includes the guest speaker’s approach and philosophy, together with their path as an investor.
  • The second part of the presentation includes the in-depth analysis of a single company of their choosing, including an analysis of the competitive environment, company moat, financial statements, valuation model and deciding if the security is fairly priced. 
  • Our conferences are designed to be interactive sessions, where ideas bounce and our students ask relevant questions based on their own research of the company in question.


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